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Online substance abuse counseling and mental health therapy

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In your time of need, we respect your privacy. We’ve experienced similar challenges and empathize with your situation. Let’s discuss your concerns and explore how we can provide assistance!

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Recover at Home

OceanRock delivers personalized treatment and seamless care directly to your home, ensuring you recover on your terms and schedule without sacrificing time away from work and family.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Alleviate cravings and stabilize your brain chemistry with FDA-approved medication conveniently prescribed to your local pharmacy.

Community Bonds

Forge connections with individuals on similar journeys through online recovery groups led by licensed therapists, certified counselors, and other qualified staff.

Accessible Assistance

Reach out to your care team whenever you face challenges, and engage with a therapist or counselor as needed. Access evidence-based courses rooted in CBT, DBT, and other well-established therapeutic approaches.

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who've gone through similar journeys

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Why OceanRock?


OceanRock has been acknowledged by The Joint Commission for its excellence as a top-tier substance abuse treatment program.


Rest assured, we uphold HIPAA compliance to safeguard the confidentiality of all your information, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and email communications.


As a team, we've collectively supported thousands in their path to recovery.

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Anyone may face challenges with alcohol, drugs, or mental health. At OceanRock, we’re here to lend an understanding ear and guide you on your path, even if you’re uncertain about it yourself.

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Certified by The State of California

The California Department of Health Care Services certifies OceanRock’s California outpatient program.

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The California DHCS requires a treatment program to pass an extensive audit of all policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality standards.