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Cigna Insurance Coverage

Cigna is a “global health services” company providing insurance coverage to some 180 million people around the world. While their coverage varies widely based on the plan, most of their policies provide substance abuse coverage. If you’re covered by Cigna and need help battling substance abuse, contact our admissions team today.

Questions Answered in This Article

Cigna Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Cigna plans vary based on your specific coverage and are broken down as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans. You can expect to see these forms of addiction treatment covered under most plans:

Cigna Substance Abuse Criteria

As with all insurance providers, Cigna has specific substance abuse criteria to qualify you for coverage. Our initial survey will as the following questions to understand if you meet criteria:

Will Cigna cover multiple rehab stays?

Yes. Cigna will cover as many rehab stays deemed medically necessary. Your primary care physician or an addiction specialist will be able to provide an assessment and discern what level of care and length of stay you will need.

Types of Addictions Cigna Covers

While each plan will have unique coverage options, most Cigna plans cover addiction treatment for common addictions. This can include:

Cigna Behavioral Health Coverage

With mental health issues often co-occurring in those with substance use disorder, it is also common for Cigna to cover behavioral health treatment alongside substance abuse treatment.

Paying for Rehab with Cigna

Substance abuse treatment and behavioral health services are federally recognized as one of ten essential services insurance providers must cover under the Affordable Care Act. This means that whether patients are seeking preventative care or substance abuse treatment, they will be treated the same.

What length of treatment does Cigna cover?

Cigna typically covers between 1-6 weeks of inpatient rehab and roughly 4-12 weeks of intensive outpatient rehab. Ultimately, exact coverage will depend on how successful current treatments are and what is deemed medically necessary.