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A Roadmap to Recovery with Audra Hanson

Tom and guest Audra Hanson delve into the challenges of overcoming substance abuse. Audra candidly shares her tumultuous journey from addiction to sobriety, emphasizing the vital role of family support, therapy, and persistence. She discusses the intersection of mental health and addiction, the power of a structured recovery environment, and her personal growth post-recovery. Tom reinforces the importance of consistent parenting and resource availability for those affected. Together, they convey a message of hope, underscoring the importance of community and continuous effort in the fight against addiction.


0:50 – Early mental health struggles led to addiction.

5:17 – Turned 18, had conflicts with mom, and moved out. 

8:01 – Challenges with mental health, addiction, and diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. 

11:23 – “Treatment was crucial in making me feel understood and supported.”

15:13 – Relapse is common, but recovery is possible. 

17:17 – Utilizing medication, skills, and therapy for comprehensive recovery.

19:18 – Transition from residential treatment center to virtual outpatient care.

24:13 – Stay focused on what you’re passionate about and opportunities will present themselves.

27:39 – Don’t hesitate to seek support when needed!

31:57 – Consistency and perseverance in parenting is crucial. 

33:31 – Persevere through personal struggles, it’s okay to relapse.


Time: 1:00

Facing Mental Health Struggles

Time: 1:00

Overcoming Addiction

Time: 1:00

Embracing Sobriety

Time: 0:50

Strength in Recovery


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