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Allyson Pelletier: Unpacking Trauma and Substance Abuse

Tom speaks with OceanRock Recovery’s Clinical Director, Allyson Pelletier, about trauma’s role in addiction and resilience. As a therapist and trauma survivor, Allyson shares insights into treating addiction and trauma, emphasizing the transformative power of therapies like EMDR. The two discuss early childhood experiences, social media’s impact on mental health, and the necessity of safe spaces in therapy. Allyson’s personal recovery enlightens the topic, offering hope to those facing similar struggles.

1:30 – Trauma’s effects on mental health and treatment.
4:18 – Allyson’s personal experiences led to a successful career in trauma.
6:56 – Parenting challenges and managing childhood trauma.
10:39 – Parenting theories: Seeking balance & fostering independence.
15:52 – Preventing addictions, suicide, and societal pressures from social media.
16:41 – Social media and fentanyl epidemic causing harm.
20:35 – OceanRock Recovery offers a holistic approach to mental health treatment.
24:06 – Bilateral stimulation reprocesses trauma & reduces distress.
27:55 – Preparing for trauma through body-based therapeutic techniques.
29:52 – Custom exercise programs for veterans with trauma.
33:36 – Recovery requires exercise, processing emotions, and techniques like EMDR.
38:37 – Establish safe relationships, recognize signs, & prevent crises.
40:07 – Provide support, guidance to professional help, & prevent isolation in crisis.


Time: 1:05

The Complexity of Trauma

Time: 1:06

Parenting With Emotional Attunement

Time: 1:33

Adolescent Trauma and Healing

Time: 0:58

Finding Strength in Connection


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