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Audra’s Journey: Battle With Addiction & Reuniting With Her Family

Tom converses with Audra, a certified addiction counselor, who shares her tumultuous journey overcoming addiction, regaining custody of her children, and finding her calling. Discussing the alarming rise of fentanyl, they emphasize the need for authentic, compassionate counseling and customized treatment plans. Audra’s personal story of redemption and passion for helping others shines through, as she promotes a blend of tough love and nurturing care. This episode explores the importance of small, consistent steps in achieving sobriety and the balance between personal accountability and support in recovery.


1:10 – Challenges with addiction, mental health, and parental support.

5:57 – Received necessary tough love, exactly what was needed.

6:47 – Healed her inner child by receiving love and support. 

11:36 – Consistent, disciplined, and empathetic approach to meet her client’s needs. 

14:00 – Emphasizing authenticity and a hands-on approach to treatment. 

18:30 – Replacing bad habits with good habits is essential for sustainable recovery from addiction. 

22:27 – Set goals and strive to achieve them, but focus on the process and steps along the way. 

28:35 – Navigating challenging clients with empathy and skill.

31:43 – Apply childlike creativity and share personal stories to build rapport with clients. 

33:25 – Apology, reconciliation, and shared commitment to helping others.

37:32 – “Human trafficking is unfortunately a prevalent societal issue.”

41:54 – Addressing multiple disorders though gradual, specialized treatment. 

43:37 – Audra provides assistance for families coping with challenges from addiction. 



Time: 0:59

Reclaiming Parenthood

Time: 1:00

Treatment Options and Resources

Time: 1:00

Surrendering To Change

Time: 0:57

Finding The Right Fit


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