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Camille’s Journey: From Addiction Struggles to Recovery Support

Tom Neymat welcomes Camille Cox, director of admissions and a beacon of hope for those seeking addiction treatment. Camille shares her personal journey through addiction recovery and explains the complex process of detoxification to sober living. They discuss the pivotal points for individuals and their families dealing with addiction, the mental health ramifications, and the importance of community in the recovery process. Together, they address critical questions, focusing on the transformative power of treatment and the resilience of the human spirit to ensure long-term recovery.

0:30 – Camille is instrumental in facilitating recovery journeys.
5:02 – Experienced consequences of drinking, influenced by family sobriety.
14:00 – Overcoming addiction, rebuilding relationships, and personal growth.
17:12 – Overcoming resistance in treatment and helping others through transition and initial barriers.
25:39 – Addiction doesn’t discriminate, but addiction support varies based on circumstances.
28:37 – Addiction involves mental obsession, physical allergy, and deception.
37:29 – A supportive community and aftercare are essential for recovery.
42:36 – Outpatient program provides group support along with therapy.
49:10 – Story of addiction, recovery, and irony in public perception.
54:14 – Assisting others brings purpose and intrinsic motivation.
59:40 – Receiving success stories motivates and helps staff members to help others.
1:02:13 – Reconnecting families in therapy for sustainable recovery.


Time: 1:22

Navigating a Path To Help

Time: 1:29

Committing To Treatment

Time: 1:39

Benefits of Commitment

Time: 1:11

Bad Habits After Overdose


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