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Dr. Darmal: Treating Mood Disorders with New Strategies

Tom Neymat welcomes Dr. Darmal who discusses the impact of brain damage in addiction and mental health. He highlights the revolutionary SPECT tool for diagnosing injuries invisible to CAT or MRI scans, crucial in treating athletes and those with mood disorders. Exploring treatments from psychotherapy to neurofeedback, Dr. Darmal emphasizes early intervention and comprehensive care for conditions like ADHD. He emphasizes the importance of family and school involvement with mood disorders and mental health concerns. Tom advocates against self-blame, urging support and early help for individuals facing mental health challenges. Overall this episode was very informative about mood disorders and mental health. 


2:48 – Psychiatry has evolved over the years, offering more hopeful outcomes.

5:32 – Brain toxicity due to hypoxia, environmental toxins, and substance abuse impact patient treatment.

7:41 – Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) visualizes brain activity with radioactive isotopes. 

12:02 – Monitoring brain scans before and during addiction treatment.

14:08 – Functional brain imaging is essential for assessing brain injuries. 

18:40 – Supplements, exercise, and adequate sleep are vital for optimal brain function.

20:04 – ADHD impacts both children and adults significantly.

24:40 – Addressing ADHD through coaching, supplements, diet, and medication.

27:25 – Holistic ADHD intervention strategy, involving coaching and support.

29:54 – Mood disorders encompass various types of depression.

34:33 – Resources for mental health and mood disorders.  

37:34 – Express gratitude and avoid blame as a parent.

39:33 – “Seek help and keep moving forward.” 


Time: 1:17

Using Brain Scans As Insights

Time: 1:14

Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injuries

Time: 1:17

ADHD Treatment Response

Time: 1:04

Treatment For Depression Patients


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