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Dr. Rollins: Unmasking the Paths to Healing

Tom welcomes Dr. Rollins, a pioneer in behavioral health care. They discuss the pressing topics of men’s mental health, suicide prevention, and the ways we can address addiction in the workplace. Dr. Rollins shares his own personal experiences around suicide and mental health, and creating healthier environments in homes and workplaces alike. A focus on his book, “Healing the Impoverished Mind,” underlines the conversation, offering practical tools for breaking free from destructive cycles and finding deeper meaning in life.

3:13 – We cover Men’s health, suicide prevention, & workplace mental health.
10:09 – Staff needs to provide peace of mind, reliability & passion.
12:52 – Creating a healthy workplace through shared values.
21:14 – Sister’s death reveals flawed treatment program.
25:28 – Writing, therapy, & spirituality are valuable for mental health.
32:00 – Addiction is a disease & requires treatment, not just willpower.
35:39 – Focus on healing, compassion, & love.
40:25 – Express yourself authentically without judgment or restriction.
45:22 – Parental responsibility in understanding & supporting emotions.
53:20 – Encouraging kids to speak up and advocate.
58:38 – “Finding light in dark places, emerging stronger.”
1:02:24 – Ask about suicidal thoughts & provide support.
1:05:15 – Join support groups for healing and resilience.


Time: 2:19

Suicide Prevention and Recovery

Time: 1:53

The Impact of Suicide and Healing After Loss

Time: 1:33

Healing Through Community and Growth

Time: 2:25

Mental Health Struggles


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