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Earl Hightower: Understanding the Interventionist’s Role

Tom welcomes expert interventionist Earl Hightower to discuss the intricacies of addiction. They delve into Earl’s wealth of experience with interventions and the critical role families play. Earl shares profound insights on handling interventions, stressing professional help, and emotional preparedness. Harrowing tales of addiction’s grip are tackled, including the escalating perils of fentanyl. Listeners gain essential knowledge and tools for supporting loved ones through addiction, with a focus on the shift towards comprehensive family-involved approaches to intervention and recovery.

0:56 – Renowned interventionist Earl Hightower shares fascinating stories.
3:37 – Initial interventions caused problems, now family-focused approach.
6:27 – “Discovered my life’s purpose in helping others.”
11:45 – Virtual intensive outpatient program at Ocean Rock Recovery.
13:00 – New care services extension now in California and Texas.
18:11 – Learning to intervene without diagnosing as licensed clinicians.
21:08 – Admissions process and information release for families.
25:23 – Encourage alumni connection for ongoing support.
27:47 – Balancing expertise and connection for sustainable recovery.
30:58 – Experience with drugs is more dangerous and uncertain now.
34:15 – Fentanyl addict turned her life around dramatically.
36:29 – Seek help for loved ones showing changes.
41:11 – Supporting through tough love is often misconstrued.
42:39 – Addiction and mental health don’t discriminate.
46:58 – Seek professional guidance, implement tips, and find help.
50:12 – Keep it simple, watch over your loved ones.
52:42 – Caution when involving outside agencies is crucial.


Time: 1:28

First Phase of Recovery

Time: 1:14

Building an Alumni Core

Time: 1:06

What is the First Step?

Time: 1:14

Making the Interventionist the Bad Guy


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