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Gina Tabrizy: Holistic Approach to Addiction and Mental Health

Gina Tabrizy shares her extensive experience in addressing addiction, trauma, and codependency. Drawing from her personal journey of recovery and battle with cancer, Gina advocates for compassion and a holistic approach to mental health. With over 30 years of expertise, Gina emphasizes the importance of treating trauma at mental health’s core, viewing addiction as a multifaceted issue involving emotional and spiritual aspects. Through compassion and a human connection, she aims to leave a legacy that inspires hope and growth for those struggling to find their path to healing.

2:46 – Addiction impacts spiritually, emotionally, and behaviorally.
9:51 – Codependency recovery, compassion fatigue, and clinicians’ critique.
12:26 – Magnetic brain stimulation helps with insomnia and more.
19:07 – Establishing boundaries and limits is an act of love.
22:00 – Parents in denial about their child’s behavior issues.
28:46 – Reflecting on client suicide interventions and consequences.
35:11 – Confrontation over inappropriate photo posted by friend’s daughter.
38:39 – Family tension leads to mental health intervention.
45:39 – Offered unconditional love to a person suffering.
50:44 – Understanding the unseen struggles of mental health.
56:29 – Personal connection to suicide prevention through friends.
1:00:49 – Veterans receive specialized treatment for trauma disorders.
1:06:05 – Easy access to harmful substances leads to addiction.
1:10:44 – Kids sharing Ritalin that’s laced with fentanyl.


Time: 1:36

The Power of Holistic Treatment

Time: 1:28

Breaking The Cycle

Time: 1:35

Exploring Suicide & Mental Heatlh

Time: 1:09

Embracing Discomfort


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