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Jenny’s Story: Holistic Approaches For Lifelong Recovery

Jenny shares her powerful story of addiction, recovery, and transformation. She discusses the impact of a supportive environment on encouraging open communication about personal struggles and the importance of a holistic approach in the healing process. Tom and Jenny explore how mindset shifts, from victim to survivor, and altruism play crucial roles in recovery. They also address stigmas surrounding addiction, underscoring the need for education and awareness. Together, they shed light on the challenges of maintaining balance amid mental health battles, offering hope and insight for listeners.


1:31 – “We need to eliminate stigmas around addiction and mental health.” 

5:15 – Acknowledge your feelings, seek support, and find meaningful purpose. 

8:02 – Developed a prescription pill addiction while filming. 

12:49 – Rationalizing prescription drug use for financial success.

15:14 – Discovered her true self and turned struggle into a purpose to help others!

16:48 – “Therapy, Buddhism, and the recovery community aided my personal growth.” 

21:34 – Daily effort, holistic strategy, and varied approaches to therapy. 

24:50 – Jenny wants to support families and offer valuable advice for healing. 

26:12 – Understanding personal journeys, avoiding guilt, and active listening.

30:18 – Building trust and support when raising kids.

34:49 – Empower yourself and your kids through open communication.


Time: 1:04

Recovering Out Loud

Time: 1:04

Abused As A Child

Time: 1:01

Overnight Solution

Time: 0:51

Letting People Be Heard


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