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Jeremy Jackson: From Baywatch to Rock Bottom and Back

Tom delves into the life of former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson. They explore his early success, struggles with addiction, and redemptive journey toward healing. Jeremy candidly shares how his absence of a father figure, the influence of icons like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, and the peaks and valleys of fame impacted his life. The conversation also covers Jeremy’s efforts in leading men’s retreats, promoting recovery, and the transformative power of breath work, offering an inspiring story of resilience and renewal.


0:58 – Jeremy Jackson leads a popular breathwork group.

3:46 – Dangerous obsession with electric sockets and experimentation. 

8:51 – Admiring famous figures, seeking strength and validation

10:18 – Hollywood actor’s ADHD and early fame struggles.

13:46 – Pamela Anderson, iconic in her time.

19:02 – Always wanting more, never feeling good enough. 

20:12 – Balancing anxiety, criticism, and personal struggles.

23:34 – Stealing and using leftover drugs.

29:15 – Actor battles exhaustion and drug use.

30:06 – Feeling unreliable at work and was confronted about drug use. 

35:17 – Arrested for making meth during a drug bust. 

37:37 – Interest in diverse rehab experiences and perspectives.

41:41 – Survival mode leads to destructive behaviors.

42:44 – Tips for sober living and maintaining a positive mindset.

48:06 – Seeking a solution for lost masculine energy in men.

51:04 – Leading with clear, confident, and inspiring feminine energy. 

53:32 – Embrace quick action, don’t overthink.

55:55 – Opportunity comes from giving, not keeping. 


Time: 1:29

Yearning For Guidance

Time: 1:16

The Weight of Fame

Time: 1:33

From Innocence to Addiction

Time: 1:31

Surviving Addiction


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