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Joe Milligan: Lessons on Addiction and Mental Health

Tom Neymat discusses mental health and addiction with Joe Milligan, CEO of Beginnings Treatment Centers. They delve into Joe’s 30-year struggle with sobriety, impacts of the digital age on youth, and the effectiveness of telehealth. Joe shares his journey from alcoholism to the creation of a treatment facility, stressing the importance of surrender for recovery. Emphasizing family involvement, the episode provides insightful perspectives on overcoming substance abuse and offering professional treatment and support.

1:54 – Struggled to fit in, skipped Boy Scout meeting for his first drink of alcohol.
8:16 – Had cravings, but didn’t lose everything.
15:31 – Considered suicide with a gun, but chose not to proceed.
19:45 – Overcoming addiction requires surrender and getting out of one’s own way.
27:04 – Strong recovery community offers diverse, impactful recovery support.
34:01 – Former program alumni often relapse, sometimes without receiving a second chance after an overdose.
39:19 – Joe’s experience with AA and the treatment program contrasts.
45:04 – Assisting older individuals with a job and support with mental health challenges.
50:40 – Friend’s journey ends tragically with a suicide in Barstow.
55:21 – Outpatient program offers support groups and aftercare plans.
1:03:20 – Family and teen therapy with comprehensive support and group counseling.
1:07:42 – Pause, reflect, then engage with empathy.
1:14:36 – Modern generation is overwhelmed by information, leading to body image and relationship issues.
1:17:08 – Despite available access to care, many hesitate to seek help due to personal challenges and societal pressures.
1:26:23 – “We are a resource, find us on social media for information and contact us for help.”


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Recovery vs Treatment

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