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Lorin’s Path: From Addict To Sobriety and Counseling

Certified addiction counselor, Lorin Bice, discusses her personal recovery journey and highlights the significance of unconditional love, trust, and patience in the recovery process. Lorin emphasizes the importance of mentorship, celebrating small victories, and understanding the impact of addiction on both the individual and their family. The episode delves into the nuances of long-term recovery, the value of treatment continuity, and the spiritual aspect of overcoming addiction. This conversation aims to enlighten and encourage those on their own paths to recovery. 


2:50 – Encountering unconditional love fosters self-acceptance and helps in recovery.

4:45 – A couple showed love and guidance and completely transformed their life. 

9:14 – Busy lifestyles can lead to impatience and trauma. 

10:31 –  Learning patience through reflection and spirituality.

14:02 – Establish a program with diverse care options. 

16:36 – Started in treatment, moved into insurance-based industry, and progressed from house manager.

20:37 – Empathizing with families impacted by addiction. 

23:52 – Setting boundaries in families affected by addiction is crucial. 

27:47 – Allowing small failures is important for growth.

34:26 – Acknowledging positive energy and communication skills in conversation.

37:54 – Addiction is about seeking spiritual connection. 

41:39 – A frustrated boy learns the importance of meditation from a ninja master.

44:59 – Mentorship and support are important for personal growth and achievement.


Time: 1:05

Embracing Rest Finding Balance

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Breaking Bad Habits Together

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Having Success Through Failure

Time: 1:00

Embracing Growth Through Adversity


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