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Mental Health & Addiction in Schools: Unveiling the Unseen

We dive into an insightful discussion with Dr. Sean Boulton, principal of Newport Harbor High School, on vital topics relating to students’ mental health, post-pandemic impact, and the fentanyl crisis. We explore how generational trauma impacts student development, the school’s multifaceted approach to addressing mental health, and the importance of life skills. We also discuss the school’s use of Narcan and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic on students’ mental well-being and education. Join us for this thought-provoking episode.

2:16 – Teaching career in Missouri, LA, and Newport.
3:37 – Leveraging discussions and videos for Fentanyl awareness on campus.
7:28 – Pandemic politicized, students lost sense of community.
12:21 – Getting help can be flexible and private.
16:19 – Parents must understand life is a marathon, stay involved.
18:29 – Parents need guidance with mental health and must give love, attention, and support.
20:51 – Identifying student needs, intervention, and support.
24:46 – “You guys are doing a great job.”
28:45 – Success isn’t determined by degrees or schools.
30:07 – Newport Harbor High school was granted 300 doses of Narcan to help treat fentanyl overdoses.


Time: 1:07

Exploring Effective Fentanyl Education Methods in School

Time: 0:59

Tragic Loss of Life to Fentanyl Overdoses in Our Alumni Network

Time: 1:08

Why Being Obnoxious as a Parent Can Save Your Child

Time: 1:39

Prioritizing Mental Health: Expanding the Definition of Achievement


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