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Nassym’s Insights: Mental Health and Addiction in Immigrant Culture

Tom Neymat and Nassym Kavezade, a forensic social worker, discuss destigmatizing mental health in immigrant communities, the efficacy of therapy, and the struggle against addiction. Nassym, with her vast social work experience, highlights the importance of self-care individualized recovery routes, and advocates for family reunification. The duo examines the unique challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers. Motivational and intentional lifestyle choices are highlighted as keys to overcoming personal struggles and strengthening mental health.

2:31 – Nassym’s extensive social work and advocacy experience.
10:03 – Assessing substance abuse and mental health’s impact on parenting.
13:24 – Reduce dependence and avoid substituting new, strong addictions.
21:19 – Court system enforces success ratio criteria.
22:05 – Limited success in addiction recovery comes from low motivation.
29:09 – Social workers encourage independence and self-reflection to overcome struggles.
34:03 – Emphasizing the importance of seeking mental health support.
41:20 – Society values some addictions, but stigmatizes others.
46:27 – Empower yourself and strive for life balance.
52:36 – It is okay to ask for help when it is needed, no hesitation.
58:38 – Intentional self-care is crucial for mental well-being.
1:01:50 – Nassym’s dedication to helping others selflessly.


Time: 0:58

Justice and Family Reunification

Time: 0:59

Seeking Asylum

Time: 1:01

Mental Health Treatment

Time: 1:01

Understanding Addiction and Triggers


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