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Navigating the Recovery Landscape with Pej

Tom discusses addiction struggles with guest Pej, an experienced interventionist. Pej shares his personal journey from hitting rock bottom, family denial, and eventually to embracing recovery. They explore the flaws in using incentives for sobriety and the critical nature of professional help. Pej emphasizes the transformative power of ongoing support, service, and connection to a higher purpose. The episode shares success stories, tackles the danger of fentanyl, and the emotional weight of relapse. Listeners are left with a better understanding of addiction and the transformative impact of recovery.

1:02 – This podcast aims to provide free mental health and addiction resources to those in need.
5:01 – Transition from addiction to helping others in crisis.
9:10 – “I had an abundance of cocaine and became addicted.”
10:48 – Clothing line success funded by drug sales.
13:21 – Client’s attitudes towards treatment can vary significantly.
18:26 – Stressing the importance of parental boundaries.
20:05 – Material rewards don’t sustain sobriety effectively.
24:42 – Risks of using wrong methods in interventions.
28:23 – Seek professional intervention for struggling individuals and families.
32:05 – Advocating for sustained recovery through ongoing support.
34:26 – Follow through, after care, and self-commitment.
38:07 – Discover self-love, guide others, and create a ripple effect.
40:06 – Passion for varied approaches to addiction treatment.
43:03 – Addiction recovery led to emotional numbing and desensitization.


Time: 1:05

Addiction Is An Epidemic

Time: 1:31

Drawing A Line In The Sand

Time: 1:04

Incentives Don't Achieve Sobriety

Time: 1:09

What Is An Intervention


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