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Shannon Dean: Tackling Mental Health Stigmas in Schools

Tom has an insightful conversation with Shannon Dean, a dedicated school counselor at Irvine Unified School District, to explore the complex world of adolescent mental health and substance abuse. They delve into the importance of early intervention, holistic approaches, and alternative success paths. Shannon stresses the role of school counselors in providing compassionate support. This episode includes combating stigmas, recognizing the need for varied resources, and the impacts of social media on youth. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the welfare of teenagers navigating today’s challenging landscapes.

1:36 – Excited to discuss adolescent mental health issues.
4:44 – Peers are often the first to notice a student’s struggles.
6:23 – School counselor supports students, parents, and academics.
12:12 – Provide reliable resources to help people find clarity.
14:07 – Recovery requires making choices, exerting effort, and access to care and resources.
16:45 – Impact of Covid on mental health and addiction amongst adolescents.
21:25 – Emotional support and community connection are crucial for students.
24:42 – Fairness and consistency vary based on individual needs.
29:41 – Schools addressing the pressure for academic success.
31:26 – Middle skills jobs unfilled due to education bias.
34:48 – Organization offers free narcan training and education.
38:23 – Collaborative effort is necessary to overcome challenges.
40:42 – Encouraging students to seek support from trusted adults.


Time: 1:22

Identifying Student Struggles at School

Time: 1:09

Helping Students Find Support

Time: 1:20

Mental Health Struggles

Time: 2:03

Balancing Stress and Success


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