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Taryn Mangan: Transforming Trauma into Recovery and Advocacy

Tom delves into Taryn Mangan’s harrowing journey through addiction, codependency, and recovery. As a certified addiction counselor, Taryn discloses her personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and abusive relationships from her youth. She discusses the devastating effects of her father’s overdose, navigating family addiction, and her courage to break free from toxic love. Through her own tribulations, Taryn emerges as a pillar of hope for those battling similar demons. Taryn closes with a powerful message on the importance of reaching out, building support systems, and the transformative power of finding purpose in the service of others.

1:46 – Dealt with anxiety and depression since childhood.
4:49 – Abusive relationship and having to get an abortion alone.
6:47 – Recognizing the emotional complexity and impact on young girls.
10:26 – Dealing with addiction and family problems as a teen.
12:51 – Strong connection through shared struggles.
16:56 – Family conflict and violence, overlooked due to drug use.
21:59 – Felt overwhelmed and victimized in an abusive relationship.
25:06 – Helping others through her personal journey and struggles.
27:41 – “Be there for people without judging them.”
30:24 – Moved in with a sober partner after leaving a toxic relationship.
33:32 – Reconnecting with ex, then dad’s unexpected passing.
37:55 – Dealing with trauma and not letting it win.
40:51 – “Helping others gives me purpose and fulfillment.”
42:39 – Keep the passion and never give up.
46:43 – Seek help from professionals and support groups to build a network for healing and recovery.


Time: 1:01

Finding Time To Improve

Time: 1:08

Taking Control of Your Life

Time: 1:11

Tools For Understanding

Time: 1:13

Working In Treatment


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