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Therapeutic Power of Nature in Addiction Recovery | Kelsey Glover

Welcome to another episode of the Ocean Rock podcast. Today, host Tom Nemat sits down with Kelsey Glover, a dynamic individual whose personal journey through addiction, recovery, and personal growth is both inspiring and enlightening. Kelsey shares her experiences with ADHD, early struggles with alcohol, and the profound impact of forest bathing on her healing process. 


As a certified addiction counselor and forest therapist, Kelsey also delves into how reconnecting with nature not only aided her recovery but also transformed her approach to helping others. This episode is not just about the struggles of addiction, but also about finding innovative and holistic pathways to recovery and well-being, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in alternative therapeutic methods and personal rejuvenation. Join us as Kelsey explains the therapeutic power of forest bathing and shares her vision of using nature to heal and inspire.




 00:00 Thanks for coming for forest bathing expertise.

05:06 Seeking genuine connections while battling addiction.

06:38 Creating safe, gender-specific environments for trauma recovery.

10:08 Choosing to help people and environment with forest bathing.

14:30 Disconnect from technology and embrace nature mindfulness.

16:59 Forest bathing benefits residential treatment clients outdoors.

21:53 Experiential, art-based recovery programs provide balance.

24:55 Struggle brings beauty and new ways. Keep going.

26:05 Tea circle brings people to present moment.


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