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Unlocking Hidden Talents: Astrology, Therapy, and Natural Approaches to Mental Health

Astrology, Therapy, and Natural Approaches to Mental Health

Welcome to the “OceanRock Health Podcast,” where we dive deep into mental health, addiction recovery, and more. In today’s episode, titled “Astrology, Therapy, and Natural Approaches to Mental Health,” we’re joined by Tom Nemat, the CEO and founder of OceanRock Health, and Nelda, OceanRock Health’s therapist and group facilitator.


We’ll explore the significance of communication and positivity in our daily interactions and discuss natural approaches to improving mental health, including mantra practices and the power of letting go. Our conversation transitions into the intriguing world of astrology, contrasting Vedic science with Western methods to understand emotional energies and personal growth.


Tom sheds light on their impactful veterans program that provides mental health support, while Nelda connects astrology to overcoming addiction and depression. From personal stories of facing anxieties to the therapeutic benefits of nature and positive mental habits, this dialogue is packed with insights and actionable advice. We wrap up with discussions on virtual therapy, the healing power of yoga, and the transformative journey of discovering one’s potential.


Join us as we uncover ways to enhance mental well-being, connect on a deeper level, and embrace the universe’s energies for a more fulfilling life. Let’s get started!



00:00 Nelda: Therapist promoting calm through various modalities.

03:14 Covid led to improved virtual mental health care.

08:46 Reframe trauma and negativity with positive mindset.

10:20 Effective team with passion and diversity.

15:21 Importance of intuition, trust, imagination, and vibration.

18:25 Listening to natal charts, helping with transformation.

20:17 Distrust, revealing true potential, unused Ferrari.

23:43 Supportive coaching helps clients overcome challenges consistently.

29:02 Fear of loss of control during travel.

31:15 Comfort on airplanes: conversation not common.

36:09 Practiced mantra for 120 days, saw changes.

38:44 Jyotisha is sidereal zodiac, affects emotions.

40:49 Using learned tools to connect and help.

45:49 Replace negativity with envisioning and being happy.

48:49 Quiet your mind, find gratitude in nature.

50:22 Recognize reactions, pause, and choose calm response.

55:30 Overcoming fear and doubt through positive tools.


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