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Transforming Veteran Care: West Huddleston’s Fight for Mental Health and Substance Use Solutions

In today’s episode, we have a truly special guest. West Huddleston, former CEO of NADCP and the visionary founder of Justice for Vets, joins us. West has dedicated his career to advocating for justice-involved veterans, pioneering veterans treatment courts that offer crucial support to those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.


We’ll explore the profound impact of these courts, which have grown to nearly 800 worldwide, and discuss the transformative programs they offer. The staggering rates of veteran suicide and the essential role these courts play in providing camaraderie, purpose, and specialized care will be central to our conversation. We’ll also delve into legislative milestones such as the Mission Act and the Compact Act, which aim to enhance access to care for veterans.


Join us as we tap into West Huddleston’s unparalleled expertise and learn about the collaborative efforts between Ocean Rock Podcast and South Coast Counseling to bring hope and assistance to veterans in Orange County. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!


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